Friday, December 11, 2015

Tialoc-A Sin-Eater

*thunder rumbles while lightning crashes*

Welcome to my cyber home. This is vastly different from the open fields and solid bricks of the Pantheon. Consider this my throne room and you must conduct yourselves as if before royalty. Show respect and respect will be given in equal measure.

Today I am grieved with news that my half-brother, Moctezuma, seeks to enslave humanity for his own nefarious purpose. He has many followers. I, and my fellow band of Sin-Eaters, will not allow Moctezuma to steal the humans free will.

We have battled Moctezuma for centuries. As he was the rightful ruler of our people, many took his words as blessed gospel.  Many of our kind fought. And died. I had no desire for war, but alas, war was inevitable.

I am Tialoc, a Sin-Eater and I will defeat Moctezuma.